Thursday, July 20, 2017

Revenge of the Nerd Book Signing Event

We had such a great time at Curtis Armstrong's book signing the other night. What an amazing speaker!
Not only did he gift us with the opening of his book followed by a Q&A, but he also read a great excerpt about auditioning for Revenge of the Nerds. In fact, I posted a video of it on my Instagram (you can find me under pinkylovejoycoogan).  
As a gift, I made Curtis a few magnets for his fridge. He seemed to love them!
Great book cover, right? Very well done.
We bought two for us....
And one for my bestie Lanette who has a birthday tomorrow. I thought that would be a fun gift! So stoked for the experience - plus, some of his cast members showed up to support him! So neat.

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