Monday, October 31, 2016

Pinky's Fandance - Shannon Purser

So, here's the thing. I'm super stoked we got to meet Shannon Purser at the LA Comic Con this weekend. I really am. As "Barb" on Stranger Things, Shannon is awesome and I've enjoyed following her on social media and totally looked forward to meeting her. But, the LA Comic Con is a horrendous thing to attend. I'd never gone before and I never will again. The only reason we did this time was to meet Shannon, along with a few others (that I'll feature later on this week).
So, imagine my surprise after finally getting a parking spot, waiting in a long line to get in, and then not being able to find anyone in a crowd of people, to learn that Shannon wasn't doing pictures at her table. Say what? I simply don't understand that. If you're at a con, what does it matter? You're making a lot of money. The least you can do is give people what they want. You know, the people who paid to get in, who spent a lot of time and money getting to you, and then still have to spend more money to meet you? Yeah, those people. It took A LOT of begging on our parts to get her to agree to a picture at the table and it shouldn't have been that hard. Like, just do it. Why is it even a question? Dita Von Teese was doing pictures at her table. Joanna Cassidy was doing pictures at her table. You know, LEGENDS. Not someone who literally achieved fame like a few months ago for (spoiler alert) dying on a Netflix show after being in like one or two episodes. Granted, Barb is great and as I said, I'm stoked we met her. But, come on, dude. Be realistic.

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