Monday, October 31, 2016

Anniversary Trip - Day Two

As we discovered last year, the only way to do the anniversary trip is to do two whole days in the hotel instead of just one night. Wait, did that make sense? Technically, I guess it was three days, two nights, but who's counting, right?
One of our favorite parts about the hotel is this delicious breakfast. Yum! Such a perfect way to start the day. And you can't really beat that view!
Keith made the mistake of feeding this little he wouldn't really leave us alone the rest of the time. Oops.
Giant prezzie all for me! :)
Our fave lunch was followed with a yummy dinner.
This was the last day before we left.
Our hot tub was my fave part!
Oh, and in case you were wondering what was inside that gigantic works perfectly with my style, right?!?! :)
We finished our trip by being major tourists wearing adorable hats and playing Pokemon Go at the pier. We totally won our anniversary this year. :)

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