Friday, May 22, 2015

Pinky's Fandance - Chris Martin

As much as I should be used to seeing celebs in common places around LA, it still manages to surprise me. This past weekend when Heidi was visiting, as we were crossing the street at the Third Street Promenade, we just happened to see Chris Martin from Coldplay walking behind us with his son. Um, hello. That's HUGE!
I don't know why no one else recognized him, but we quickly fell behind to see where he'd go. We weren't sure how nice he was, or if it'd be awkward with his son there, but, thankfully, he was the sweetest guy in the world. When we finally got our courage to ask him for a picture and said we were sorry to bother him, he replied with, "You're not bothering me." Such a cool guy! Still amazed at how that all played out.

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