Thursday, October 10, 2013

Missing My Guy

Keith is currently flying to Ohio to film a movie this weekend and I'm already missing him like crazy. I've been crying all morning and, basically, since last night. I'm a mess.
He's going to be gone until Sunday and it's the longest we've been apart since we got engaged in April. I mean, aside from work, we pretty much do everything together (and that's the way we like it).
There's no one I have more fun with than him. I'm just so lucky to have found someone that is so awesome, kind, funny, sensitive, talented, and loving. When you're young and you hear stories of fairy tales, while you love hearing the tales, you don't really believe it's going to come true. But, miraculously, it did for us (it took its sweet time, but we finally got our Happily Ever After). 
I'm so happy with Keith and cannot wait to become his wife in 16 days. Now, if it were only Sunday so he was back home with me already....
I know it's only a few days. I do. I just don't like being without him and want him to come home safe.

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