Thursday, July 25, 2013

Blue Jasmine Screening

First things first: My baby got a haircut. And believe me when I tell you, that boy is looking all kinds of FIIIIINE (pronounced in the most ridiculous way possible). Seriously, he was already super hot, but now I can barely keep my hands off him in public (oh, wait, I had that problem before, too. Nevermind).  
Look at that face! And that hair! He's the cutest!
See, even he was excited to show off the new 'do.
My hair, unfortunately, was not having a great bangs day. Let's just pretend it did.
Here's my love waving to all of his adoring fans.
Bless the lady's heart who was taking pics ahead of us - she couldn't get it straight to save her life. Thankfully, I think our picture turned out a lot better than hers (which wasn't really all that hard). 

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