Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Awesome Merchandise For Sale!

The other night I got some great shots of Keith modeling our latest merchandise that we had made up for the shows we're attending in various states while he does Q&A's (next up: Texas!). 
Just in case you're not near one of the screenings, you can purchase any of these shirts (or any of their other amazing merchandise - seriously, I want one of everything) at www.rainbowalternative.etsy.com.
We're so fancy now, we can even take credit cards at our table. Don't be jealous that we're so cool.
How freaking cute does Keith look in these shirts? I mean, I realize I'm a *wee* bit biased, but come on. He's the cutest thing ever.
I mentioned how hot he was looking, right?
Ooh, my favorite! This was surprisingly popular. In fact, we sold out of all our Adventures in Babysitting shirts and had to re-order more. Not a bad problem to have! :)

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