Monday, August 27, 2012

Pinky's Fandance - Dennis Miller

Anyone who knows me and my love for SNL should know how much I love love love Dennis Miller. He is my comedy hero, my fave Weekend Anchor ever, and the person who cracks me up to no end. His dry humor makes me smile and I could listen to him rant all day.
When I heard Dennis was going to be on a talk show, I jumped at the chance to try and meet him. Luckily, my girl Lindsay from was just as excited as I was about Dennis and came down to go with me.
We figured as long as we had a cool sign, we had luck on our side and we were right! Despite narrowly missing him driving away, thankfully we spotted him about to turn and called out to him. When he saw our sign, he happily stopped his car, got out and posed with us. We were thrilled!
Dennis Miller! Head exploding! Triple love!

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