Thursday, August 30, 2012

Everything's Better With A Fan

It's hot here. Like, Africa hot. And it's not just LA, it's Ventura, which is odd because usually being by the beach means we don't really get that super hot heat....that is, until now. It. Is. Hot. And it's muggy. Like you can feel the mugginess on you at the end of the day. It's definitely not a dry heat.
I was used to the heat in Utah only because I lived there so long I could prepare for it. I had an A/C unit for my window, ceiling fans, and a multitude of other fans on hand at all times. I was armed and ready for battle. Sure, it didn't always completely obliterate it, but it helped.

Lately I've been too hot to sleep and it was making me grumpy, so last night I finally drug out one of my box fans to help out. What a difference a fan makes! Here I've been longing for a ceiling fan (I LOVE ceiling fans), but this fan does just fine to cool things off. It didn't even scare Sammy. WIN.

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