Tuesday, March 24, 2020


So, after attempting to do my "normal" blog post yesterday, I have to admit it still felt really weird amidst the crazy time we're living in. While we're under mandatory quarantine, I would still like to post, but will most likely just post little updates here and there. 
We're still adjusting to being home all the time and what that brings. I lucked out at a store yesterday, which was awesome, although we should probably try to get some more toilet paper at some point. For now we're OK. On Sunday we took a drive to put my Mini Cooper through its drive cycles so I could get it smogged. We drove it over to Valencia and picked up some Cafe Rio while we were there, which was delicious! Man, I miss that. Wish there were some closer to us. Yesterday I was able to get it smogged and get some things notarized which I'd been putting off. It felt very productive! Today I got our flights re-arranged for the shows which were rescheduled, so that's a relief. All around we're fine, so far. Looking forward to when we can go out again!

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