Thursday, February 27, 2020

Pinky's Fandance - Milo Ventimiglia

As a fangirl, I find it fascinating to watch celebrities as their careers ebb and flow. Years ago, when I first met Milo, his career was a bit stalled. He was very nice. 
These days, his star is so high it may never come down and while he's still nice, he's also not quite as fan friendly. Look, I understand. It's a lot. I'm sure getting bugged a million times a day gets annoying. But, it's frustrating when he blows off fans at industry events and times when he's campaigning for an Emmy. Yes, I realize he has no obligation to do anything at any time regardless of whether or not he's campaigning. All I'm saying is that it was nice for him to finally stop for this picture although it took far too much convincing for my liking. I miss the old Milo.

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