Wednesday, August 22, 2018

STL Pop Culture Con - Part Two

Keith loves the film Blazing Saddles, so it was super fun to meet Burton Gilliam from the film.
He was a crack up!
While we were buying our loot, we found a little toy Linus gift for Jeremy (who voiced Linus for a few years).  
He loved it!
Keith calls this picture of Tawny Kitaen and Michael Pare "the '80s in one picture." :)
There was a super fan there who'd brought all these tasty treats from Australia.
These were my faves!
They were shaped like kangaroos and tasted like chicken in a biscuit.
Isn't this such a great piece?!!
Keith is listed as #2 on this promotional piece!
These girls were so much fun. We had a blast chatting with them!
We even sent them home with some super cute souvenirs.
And another cool fan brought us these pins! Love them!

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