Monday, February 26, 2018

Low-Key Weekend

Knowing that next weekend is going to be jam packed and exhausting, we had a fairly low-key and relaxing weekend these past few days. We went car shopping with my Dad on Saturday and then on Sunday night we had tickets for a Kevin Smith comedy show. There was a 7pm show and a 9pm; we were scheduled for the second show.
Unfortunately, between the two shows, Kevin had a massive heart attack and an ambulance was called. The audience was told to go home, although we were terrified all night that Kevin might not make it. Thankfully he made it to the hospital in time and we're SO relieved!!!!
Shows can always be rescheduled, but what's most important is that he'll be around to continue sharing his amazing kindness and gifts with the world. Sending hugs and love for a positive recovery, Kevin! We love you!

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