Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Another Disney Day!

So, a few years ago I gifted my friend Bobby from high school a trip to Disneyland for his graduation (when he got his Master's degree). This weekend he finally cashed in on it!
We also had surprise visitors from Chicago that came on a last minute trip, so we decided to make it one big party at the park.
Annette and Bobby both went to high school with me (I even played softball when I was younger with Annette).  
So great to see them!
This is our big group of six!
Brandy and Melanie came to visit from Chicago.
Keith took them to California Adventure on Thursday, so on Sunday we went to the Disney side of the park.
Bobby tried to pull out the sword...but, alas....
Riding Thunder Mountain.
Space Mountain!
We had a great time. I don't normally like pictures from rides, but this one turned out pretty cute.

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