Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Santa Maria Style

My very first "real" job was at Sizzler in Santa Maria, CA when I was 16. During my time there (which was part-time at best during high school), they changed their sign to be more hip with the times. As such, they added a pink neon sign to the top of the building that said, "Buffet Court and Grill" (I'm shocked that didn't last - ha!).
The strange thing was, I used to get asked all the time if I had something to do with the sign becoming pink. Um, really? I was a measly part-time cashier back then. Did I really have so much influence that they'd change their entire look? Still, I had to chuckle when I saw this sign at Sizzler today in Burbank, CA - now serving Santa Maria style BBQ tri-tip (what my home town is known for). Perhaps all those people were right - Sizzler is totally trying to honor me with this. HA HA HA.

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