Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Pinky's Fandance - Elizabeth Rodriguez

Just so you know, Elizabeth Rodriguez pretty much hates me. It's not my fault, well, I guess it is, but it wasn't intentional. You see, Elizabeth plays Aleida Diaz (Daya's mom) on Orange is the New Black. There are a TON of people on Orange is the New Black and to keep an eye out for them at this event every year is tough. It's hard not to call their character names out, it's hard to know their real names, and it's hard not to get them mixed up (since there are a lot of dark haired women on the show). Plus, it's dark, they're across the street, and there are a bunch of people. It's not like someone is announcing them as they get dropped off (although that would be very helpful). 
To try and help, I had a cheat sheet I'd created for the event with everyone's pictures and names. But when she came over, I didn't have time to get my sheet and just yelled out, "Jessica!" who is also on the show, but wasn't Elizabeth. What did Elizabeth do? She hissed, "I'm not Jessica," gave me a bad look, and begrudgingly came over, but does she look happy? Nope. She hates me. Too bad, too, because I love everyone on that show!

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