Friday, April 3, 2015

The Music of David Lynch

Last night we were fortunate to attend an event that, let's face it, I probably wouldn't have known about had it not been for the involvement of my faves, Duran Duran.
Honestly, I went into the night thinking I'd tolerate all the acts until my guys took the stage and blew everyone away.
The event was put on by the David Lynch Foundation and was to fund inner-city school kids who wanted to learn about transcendental meditation. I'd never heard of anything like it before and found the short videos they played very inspirational.
The event was held at The Theater at the Ace Hotel and it was truly gorgeous inside.
I couldn't stop looking at the walls and the ceiling. Magical!
This was the line-up of the guests scheduled to perform. They saved the best for last, of course, as Duran Duran was the last group on the roster.
Here's a picture of the boys on the red carpet.
And here they are right before they went onstage (these are from their website - I only wish I was that close to them!). 
Great shot! They played three songs - The Chauffeur, Ordinary World, and Hungry Like the Wolf and they totally brought down the house! So fun!
Here we were posing on the carpet.
We ran into my fellow Duranie friend, Krista, who'd driven up from up North for the show.
As you can see, we're super tight with David Lynch. He couldn't get enough of us.
Please note: He actually agreed to a picture, but then it got too crowded and I opted for this lovely, blurry shot. Such a great night!

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