Monday, April 6, 2015

Pinky's Fandance Redux - Andre Gower & Ryan Lambert

At Monsterpalooza last weekend, I had the chance to see some very cool friends of ours, Andre Gower and Ryan Lambert, who also happened to star together in The Monster Squad.
As we were at Monsterpalooza, obviously there were tons of people super stoked about meeting them. They had this great idea to post pics on their Instagram account of the pics they were taking with fans. I'd been watching these pics for the day or two before I went to the show and told them I wanted to be featured, too. Ha ha.
The guy who was before me had this cool pose. For some reason, he looked much cooler doing it than I do. Just so you know, I'm aware I look ridiculous. I thought I was looking tough. I was wrong.
As it was Ryan's birthday when I went, I thought we could get a "nice" picture all together...
Sadly, I was wrong. Oh, well. He's the birthday boy. Totally his prerogative, right? Fun day!

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