Thursday, June 6, 2013

Our First Red Carpet Experience

While I was super thrilled to be able to see Keith's new movie, Waking, I had no idea there'd be a red carpet (since it was the second screening of the film). 
Of course, when I saw there was one, I wanted to be sure he got his pictures taken, but I really didn't need to be involved in that, right?
As you can see, he's got the poses figured out and seemed to be having a lot of fun up there.
But then, he called me over. What's a girl to do? Although my hair was janky and my make-up was minimal at best, I obliged.
This picture was pretty cute. I'm a big fan.
While I was researching pictures, I found this one of Keith as we attended Jimmy Kimmel a few weeks back. Can you see my hair next to him? I had no idea he'd been "papped." He looks adorbs!

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