Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fave Cheesy Pics of the Day

While I'm aware that Keith and I have so many cheesy pictures it's ridiculous, we simply can't seem to help it. I promise we're not doing it to be annoying - we're just super happy and in love and, well, I think that kind of shows up in our pictures.
Come on - I mean, I can't even look at this without smiling. It makes me deliriously happy to see us being deliriously happy (that sounds weird, right? Well, you know what I mean).
I just love these new pics. I had to update my profile picture today since I love it so much. Too cute!

1 comment:

Miss Thing said...

Deliriously happy! THAT'S IT! Those are the words I was looking for to describe you two. You would think the amount of cheesy pics WOULD get annoying, but they don't. You defy the laws of facebook. Don't stop posting the ones you are willing to share. Seriously though, not to be cheesy, but it's an awesome reminder that love like that still exists in the world and can happen at any moment. Especially when you least expect it. :)