Friday, June 7, 2013

Egads! The Stress Has Begun

Although we've only been engaged a month, I'm starting to feel a *wee* bit overwhelmed with all of the decisions and things we need to do in order to get married in October. Initially it seemed far enough away, but the days seem to be getting quicker as they go on.
There are SO many decisions to be made and we've been nothing but traveling and haven't had a chance to breathe. Obviously there could be worse problems to have, I realize that, but I just wish I felt like I had any sort of a grasp on the planning.
I think we've narrowed down the place, we just need to put the deposit down. I do have my dress and even the bridesmaids dresses have been selected, so I guess I have accomplished something.
Still, there are a million other decisions to be made and we still have several months. At this rate, I'm going to elope.
I like this vision of staying calm...I'm just not sure how to apply that to my life. :/

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